Coloquio Internacional / International Colloquium

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Programa Coloquio MontielPedro I y la Batalla de Montiel (1369-2019)

650 aniversario de la Batalla de Montiel y la muerte de Pedro I de Castilla

Redes Petristasis pleased to announce a new collaboration with Universidad Castilla-La Mancha, the Villa de Montiel and the Fundación Castillo de la Estrella in the organization of a colloquium in commemoration of the 650 Anniversary of the Battle of Montiel and the Death of Pedro I of Castile. The colloquium showcases state-of-the-art research on the socio-political environment in which the battle took place as well as the impact of its paradigm shifting consequences. Following Redes Petristas’s commitment to interdisciplinarity, the colloquium includes lectures and round tables fostering dialogue with medieval historians, archeologists and literary critics. Please, find the program at the end of this entry.

This three-days event, which has been organized thanks to the support of Montiel’s town council, will include guided visits to the sites recently credited as part of Spain’s Historical and Cultural Heritage. It will be also a unique opportunity to witness the results of the ongoing collaboration that since 2012 has brought local authorities, researchers and local stakeholders together in the Foundación Castillo de la Estrella. The Foundation’s goals include supporting archeological sites related to the area known as Campo de Montiel, as well as a program for preservation and dissemination of this cultural heritage both in academic outlets and to the benefit of the community at large. In particular, it is worth mentioning their commitment to socio-economic development of the area through workshops and internships in conservation and outreach programs.

Please, join us in the Spring 2019 at the Villa de Montiel and, meanwhile, stay tune for more info regarding the International Colloquium on the Battle of Montiel (1369-2019).

Programa Coloquio Montiel