Francisco José Díaz Marcilla


Francisco is a Postdoctoral fellow and Member of the Medieval Studies Institute at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal) currently working on the project “Historiographical narrative as source for the study of ecclesiastics’ socio-political roles during the Schism and the Hundred Years War (1337-1453)” within the IEM of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (ref. SFRH/BPD/107887/2015). He is also Associate Member of the research group “HUM214- The Kingdom of Seville in the Middle Ages” (University of Seville, Spain). He obtained his PhD in History in 2013 (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain). Francisco specialises in Medieval Philosophy, Medieval History and History Theory. He has published different works on the Ramon Lull’s heritage in Europe (14th and 15th Centuries), as well as on gender and cultural historical studies. In addition to that, he has worked for several international projects: Centro Studi San Giovanni da Capestrano, Italy (Project “Editing the works of Saint John of Capestrano”, 2001-2004); Pontificio Ateneo Antonianum, Italy (Study Fellowships, 2002-2004); Università di Palermo, Italy (Project “The Lullism (Ramon Llull’s influence) in Italy: a critical-historical itinerary”, 2011-2013); New University of Lisbon, Portugal (Project “DEGRUPE: The European dimension of a group of power: Ecclesiastics and the political state building of the Iberian monarchies”, 2013-2015).