Tom Nickson


Tom Nickson is an art historian interested in all aspects of visual culture, from architecture to inscriptions, textiles, processions and shiny things. Most of his research focuses on Castile in the period 1200-1450, and he is particularly interested in Islamic/Christian encounters. Recent publications have examined multilingual and monumental inscriptions from a number of angles. His first book Toledo Cathedral: Building Histories in Medieval Castile, was published in 2015 with Penn State University Press. He is currently involved in a number of projects: on Becket and his cult, on light and darkness in the Middle Ages, and on medieval art and sound. He is also working on his second book on architecture in medieval Iberia, broadly conceived. His interest in Pedro began with the Alcazares in Seville and their inscriptions, though more recently, he declares to have developed a “fascination with his treasury and gift networks, and with historiographic constructions of his exceptionalism”