Ana Sáez Hidalgo


Ana Sáez-Hidalgo is an Associate Professor at the Universidad de Valladolid, Spain. Her research interests focus both on medieval and early modern English literature and culture from the perspective of Anglo-Spanish relations. She is currently studying the reception of medieval and early modern English texts in Spain, both as material exchange and from the perspective of the cultural dynamics of reading. Her published works include the book John Gower in England and Iberia: Manuscripts, Influences, Reception (Boydell & Brewer, 2014; co-edited with R. F. Yeager); an edition of literary texts written by English Catholic exiles in Spain; the Spanish editions and translations of Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde and of Robert Burton’s Anatomy of Melancholy; a Routledge Research Companion to John Gower (co-edited with B. Gastle and R. F. Yeager, forthc.). She is the editor of the journal SEDERI and has published articles in journals like Viator, Renaissance and Reformation/Renaissance et Réforme, Recusant History; her book chapters have been published in Ashgate, Boydell and Brewer, Brill (forthc.).